Facebook Games

Dragon City

Dragon City is a new exciting game where you can breed cool dragons and combat with friends in a world of magical islands!

Social Wars

Build your military city and train your soldiers to face the threat of the outer space invaders! Be the leader of the human race at this very crucial moment! Discover the glorious battles and adventurous quests that are waiting for you!

Breakit Saga

Break the unbreakable in this classic arcade game!

Save The Cow!

Our cows are lost in outer space! Get them all back adducing them with a supersonic spaceship!

Doodle Bubble

The wool balls of our messy cat are all tangled in a big rolling ball, can you help him to tidy them up?

Ping Pong

How many pings can you make before the ball touches the floor?

Speed Cards

Clear your cards putting them in sequence before your opponent!

Bon Appetit

Are you hungry? Welcome to the Social Point all-you-can-eat restaurant!

Keyboard Smash

How many keys can you press in just 10 seconds?

Alien Attack

Planet Earth is being attacked by a terrible awful lot of aliens, and only you can save it!

Social Empires

Build your army, expand your empire and show your friends who is the best!

Bubble Paradise

Pop all the balls and complete all levels around the world!

Super Crayon

Avoid the monsters and discover the secret picture hidden underneath!

Trial Madness

Jump over all kinds of obstacles with your trial bike!

Trial Madness 2

Jump over all kinds of obstacles with your trial bike!

Pool Master 2

Play pool and pot all the balls as fast as possible!

First Flight

Little Eddy wants to fly, and now you can teach him how!

Save The Cursor

How long can you keep your cursor away from the most crazy and funny gorilla of the net?

Crazy Taxi

In this game you will drive crazy roads with an even more crazy taxi!

Flying Dog

Drag the elephant�s horn to help the flying dog fly as far as possible!

Pool Master

Make a cannon and pot as many balls as possible in 2 minutes! Each ball will give you extra time!

Mahjong Zen

Remove all tiles from the board as quick as possible. Countdown is on!

Social Park

Design and own your Amusement Park on Facebook and share it with your friends!

Jumping Dog

Help the jumping dog to catch all the balloons and special items to make it go higher!

Bouncing Balls

Form groups of balls of the same color to explode them and don�t let them reach you!

Copter Mania

Fly as fast as possible without colliding with obstacles! Will you get very far?


Connect three or more stars of the same color to explode them and increase your score!

Jewel Stars

Make chains of jewels the longest you can to complete levels!

Animal Connect

Pair animals to clear the screen as fast as you can (time runs up!)

Click Smash

How fast can your fingers be? Play and play until you set the mouse on fire!

Dino Balls

Help the Dino to hatch the egg making sure any ball gets and smashes it!

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